Hippo the Wombat Turns One

Hippo the Wombat birthday party

Sweet Potato Cake for Hippo (Photos: Tolita Dukes)

We Hippo the wombat's birthday partyhad a celebration this month at the Wildlife ParkHippo the wombat turned one! Hippo has been on Hamilton Island community since he was five months old. When he arrived he had no hair and looked just like a baby hippo, hence the name. He has also lost three of his four permanent teeth and is predominantly bottlefeed.

Hippo has just moved in with Harry (the older wombat) in the enclosure, and up until this time has lived with the manager of the park who cared for him at home with her family.

Hippo’s birthday cake was made from grated sweet potato, and his birthday present was a replacement for his favourite blue ball. All Hippo’s friends joined him for his bday – including Sabbath the black headed python, Elvis the Koala, Freddie the Cockatoo, and Dozer & Dakota the Dingos to name a few! Of course there were plenty of new friends to sing happy birthday – namely the dozens of family holiday makers who attended the party!