An Unusual Soundtrack

The beautiful chapel on Hamilton Island

The beautiful chapel on Hamilton Island (Photo: Jenni Shah)

Hamilton Island is witness to many romantic getaways and many honeymoons.  As we settled into Hamilton Island life, I became aware of a bell ringing out once or twice, at random times of the day, and it took me a few weeks to figure out what the ringing bell signified.  Once my mental map of Hamilton Island kicked in, and I had done a bit of exploring, I realised that it was the bell at the wedding chapel.

The bell has become a favourite for me.  Hearing it always makes me smile; it is the sound of a promise between two people, a declaration of their love.  The bell usually rings out a gentle time or two, but one day there must have been an overflow of joyfulness, as the bell rang on and on…I stopped counting at 20!

 Today there is a wedding at the chapel, and I know this not because of the ringing bell, but because I can hear a piper playing traditional Scottish tunes and a classic Amazing Grace.  Maybe the bride and groom have travelled from Scotland to combine their special day with a Great Barrier Reef holiday, or maybe they are more local with Scots heritage.  Either way, it made my day to hear the pipes on Hamilton Island.  I hope it made theirs too.