The Perfect Time of Year

Catseye Bay as viewed from One Tree Hill

Catseye Bay as viewed from One Tree Hill (Photo: Jenni Shah)

The Race Week hangover has eased, school holidays are over and life on Hamilton Island is settling back into its regular pace. The Whitsundays weather is glorious – September to November is my favourite time on the island. The sun is getting stronger, but it isn’t uncomfortably hot. It is just…balmy. The night is cool enough for a blanket, but warm enough to leave the window open and listen to the sea.

The winds are light, barely rustling the trees, but there seems to be enough for the boats on Catseye Bay. There are fish workup’s everywhere and the tuna season is about to start – time to book a fishing trip I think. Conditions at the golf course are great too – just don’t get too far off course hunting for those missing balls.

As for those having a relaxation holiday sun-baking on the beach (as we were while the kids joined in with the new bouncy castle at the Fun Zone*) it is just perfect.

*Stay tuned for my next post on the Kids Fun Zone