What’s with the Weather (Forecast)?

Hamilton Cup at Sunrise

Hamilton Cup at Sunrise

I am a weather geek – I confess it is now. Maybe I can blame my father who is a sailor and always keeps an eye on weather. If you are doing any activities on the water – a fishing trip, a diving holiday, boating or sailing holiday or paddling – you need to know what the forecast is.

Of course being in a civilised country there are many different forecasting services available. The one I’ve been using since arriving on Hamilton Island has been Willy Weather. It has been good, but recently it hasn’t been doing the job. Willy Weather forecast thunderstorms for two of the last three weeks, but all I heard was one distant rumble and enjoyed two days of downpours.

Even now the forecast for today and tomorrow is for a chance of thunder. A slim one I think. As I look out the window the sun is pouring and in and I have the air-conditioning on high. Even at nine o’clock in the morning it is 28°C outside and 77% humidity. The B.O.M website tells me that it feels like 31 outside. I believe them.

Accuweather is the other one I use, though I see today that they are forecasting thunder is well. They are so clever that they can tell me that the thunder will be arriving between 12 and 1. Oh well, it may be a good excuse to hold off from going for a run. We will see.

P.S. As I post this, at 4.21p.m., I’m still waiting…