On Fire at Target Sports

Target gallery Firing Range shooting

Nice Shootin' Tex! (Photo Jenni Shah)

Annie Oakley, hang up your gun! We had a show-down at Hamilton Island shooting range on Saturday and guess who came out on top? We had a fantastic time at Target Sports in Palm Valley, shooting with a .22 rifle and a .22 handgun. I was surprised by how much fun it was actually. I had done some shooting previously with a shotgun, and while it was fun shooting clay pigeons, I didn’t enjoy the recoil of the gun very much. Going ‘hunting’ on the farm with a BB gun wasn’t quite the real deal either.

The team at Target Sports were great showing us how to load the bullet cartridges and going through how each of the weapons worked. The range is set up with cushion rests for the weapons to help keep them steady as we aimed. I was pleased to see that the weapons themselves didn’t cause me any trouble and after only a few shots really started to enjoy it.

Target Range Shooting

(Photo: Hamilton Island Photography)

For me, the rifle on the long-range with the laser sight was great. When we needed a new challenge we stopped aiming for the centre circle and aimed at the target sports logo instead. I think I’ll stick with the bigger target next time! The handgun was a whole other kettle of fish. With horizontal and vertical sites to line up, it was a lot trickier.

Target Sports have a range of other weapons including the .44 Magnum and 9mm Glock. I think I will try them next time! I would have had another round but there was a large group on a family holiday waiting their turn – by the sounds of it I think Dad was in for a bit of competition!

Tip: Legally you need to be over 14 to shoot in Queensland, so this is a great all-weather activity for older teens and adults.