The Steakhouse moves to Sails

Sails restaurant overlooking the Dolphin Pool and Catseye Beach

Sails Steak and Seafood Grill located in the Hamilton Island Resort Centre. Enjoy the magnificent views overlooking the Dolphin Pool, Catseye Beach & the Whitsunday waters beyond.

It was the end of an era when the Steakhouse restaurant closed a few weeks back. There were a few familiar faces there on the final night, where we had the usual: 3x kids steak with an ice cream and choc sauce chaser, two rib eyes, medium, one with béarnaise sauce and the other with Diane, with a side of asparagus. Mmmm I can still taste it now….

Anyway, I wasn’t too happy when I heard that the Steaky was going to close, and then I found out that it was moving to Sails. Introducing…. Sails Steak and Seafood Grill. Sails is located in the Resort Centre, beside the Verandah Bar and the Dolphin Pool. It is centrally located near most of the Hamilton Island resort accommodation and hugely popular.

We checked it out a few days after they opened, and were relieved to see the familiar favourites from Front Street. We gave a few of the new dishes a try too, but the steak was the standout. As the days get longer it will be a great spot for an early dinner after a day spent in the pool. The Verandah Bar is right there and the arcade games can keep the kids occupied when you finish a night cap – after all it is essential on a family holiday to have the kids occupied without the parents doing the occupying!

Sails is still open for breakfast and lunch too.