The Steakhouse

Steakhouse Verandah overlooking Hamilton Island Marina

The Steakhouse Verandah

Over the last few weeks we have developed a close relationship with our Clownfish Club babysitter Bree, who seems to be spending every other evening at home with the kids while we are out at various restaurants and events around the island.

Last night we met old friends who were on their fifth family holiday to Hamilton Island, staying in a Hamilton Island Holiday Home. We joined them at the Marina Tavern for a few drinks and to await the last members of the party who were doing a yoga class with Alisse at the sports club.

We walked down Front Street to have dinner at the Steakhouse and were seated after a short wait at the bar. The Steakhouse doesn’t take reservations for tables under 10 people so we were given a beeper when we arrived and 15 min later were seated.

Prior visits showed us that the Steaky operates by ordering your own meal from the counter. Knowing this we jotted our own orders down and sent a small delegation to do that job while we started to catch up – much better than the entire table going for a walk!

Steakhouse Hamilton Island

Stairway to meat-eating heaven (Photo: Jenni Shah)

I chose my usual – a 300g Porterhouse with a side of Béarnaise. I confess I haven’t managed to finish all 300g of the steak yet, but I am determined! The baked potato that comes with the steak is nice, but I have a soft spot for the asparagus that I ordered (which lead to an interesting discussion around the table!). We didn’t manage dessert tonight – too full for that!

The Steaky is always a lively spot – families, groups, sizzling grills contributing to the background clamour– and it was no different tonight. I enjoyed the meal and the company, knowing that we had other occasions to actually hear what our visitors were telling us about their shooting adventure and the driving range!