Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up Paddle Boarding (Photo: Jackson Perry)

Stand up paddle boarding (Photo: Jackson Perry)

I’ve always wanted to give stand up paddle boarding (SUP) a go. It looks like a bit of fun.  And how hard can it be?

A big wide board, a long paddle… I’m an outrigger paddler – well into paddle sports. It should be a piece of cake… so I sent the young ones out to test my theory at the Beach Activities hut on Catseye Beach.

SUP, as seen demonstrated here by my young friend here on a family holiday, involves standing up and paddling. Hardly rocket science, I hear you say. Having spent the day on the beach watching people try out this SUP thing, I have reached the following conclusions – it’s easier if you are short (and still at school)! If you come in an adult-sized shape, it seems to be a little more challenging.

At least the water is calm in Catseye Bay, I thought to myself, just before I saw my adult-sized friend get bumped off by a little runner wave as he tried to make his way towards the beach. Good job the waters of the Whitsundays are nice and warm!

Stand up Paddle Boarding on Catseye Bay (Photo: Jackson Perry)

Stand up paddle boarding on Catseye Bay (Photo: Jackson Perry)

SUPPERs, as they like to be known, are pretty passionate about the SUPPING. It isn’t surfing, and it isn’t paddling, it is a unique sport of its own. You know what; I think I’ll get a few more tips from the experts at the Hamilton Island Paddling Event in June before I venture forth.