Samson the Hamilton Island Barge

'Samson' the Hamilton Island barge (Photo: Jenni Shah)

'Samson' the Hamilton Island Barge (Photo: Jenni Shah)

Barge arrival to the Hamilton Island Marina (Photo: Jenni Shah)

Samson is our barge, and has been for quite some time. The barge is crucial to the running of Hamilton Island. Almost everything for the island comes in by barge – food and wine for restaurants, linen for Hamilton Island hotels, grocery orders from Coles and Woolies (a very handy option if you are staying in a Hamilton Island Holiday Home for more than a few days), removal trucks for relocating families, Audi’s by the dozen during Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, and even outrigger canoes for the Hamilton Island Paddling Event in June.

The barge operates from dawn until dusk. In fact the other day, during one of our dawn paddles we had to sprint back to the barge ramp in order to get the canoe out of the water before they could arrive! The barge operates between Shute Harbour and the island, taking about an hour to make the trip.

The barge operations area is located at the resort end of Front Street. I like sitting with the kids in my buggy with a coffee from the Marina Deli watching the loading operations from under the coconut trees. There is always something interesting going on down at the marina.

Loading the Barge (Photo: Jenni Shah)

Loading the barge (Photo: Jenni Shah)