Reptile Tour at Hamilton Island Wild Life

Crocodile McCullack at Wild Life Hamilton Island

Crocodile McCullack at Wild Life Hamilton Island (Photo: Jenni Shah)

We took the afternoon tour at the zoo last weekend. The kids had been asking about the crocodile and new enclosure so we headed to the Wildlife Park (aka the Wild Life Hamilton Island) at four o’clock on Sunday afternoon. We joined several other groups who were on a family holiday.

Our guide was keeper Paul and our first stop was with McCullack the crocodile. McCullack is a saltwater crocodile estimated to be 70 or 80 years old. It entered into captivity 25 years ago after it was caught making a nuisance of itself (not in the Whitsundays, thankfully!). McCulloch knew it was snack time and treated us to an impressive display of leaping to catch his meal of raw chicken.

Cockatoo at the Wildlife Park

Cockatoo at the Wildlife Park (Photo: Jenni Shah)

We visited the snakes and lizards and both were taken from the cases to allow an up close and personal experience. I think the children enjoyed patting the reptiles more than the adults did! The turtles were interesting (or was that tortoises?) and we fed the cassowaries too.

All up the tour took about an hour and finished with the cockatoo. The tour is included in the price of admission which entitles you to return to the Wildlife Park as often as you like during your stay on Hamilton Island. Tours operated daily. The reptile tour leaves it 4p.m., and the marsupials’ tour starts at 10 a.m. The wildlife park is a short 5 minute walk from the Hamilton Island resort.