Rivers Running on Hamilton Island


Photo: Jenni Shah

The rivers are running on Hamilton Island today. “What rivers?” I hear you ask – a good question! Hamilton Island got a taste of the rains that have plagued Queensland last night, with 100mm falling between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Digger Cleanup Hamilton Island

The Gardens crew begin the cleanup before most visitors have even woken up (Photo: Jenni Shah)

There was no major damage, and the Gardens crew was out at 6am clearing the streets and unblocking drains. The Reef View Hotel staff had a long night using sandbags to keep the water out of their loading dock. Parents had a long night too, comforting children who were unimpressed by the lightning and thunder.

Roadside River Rapids

Roadside River Rapids (Photo Jenni Shah)

Then as soon as it was here, it was gone. The sun and the Jetskis were out by 11 and apart from the odd drizzle during the day that was the end of it. I did see a few locals taking advantage of the ‘cold snap’ (24 degrees) to drag the jeans out of the cupboard, but they had changed back into shorts by lunch as the temperatures headed back up into the ‘tropical’ range.

Hamilton Island has had a fantastic ‘wet’ season, mostly because it hasn’t been wet! Long-time locals tell me that the weather has been better than they have ever seen. I can only recall 3 or 4 times this season where we have had more than 2-3 wet days in a row.

At least on Hamilton Island there are plenty of wet weather options – shooting at Target Sports, Island Bowling, day Spa Wumurdaylin, racquet ball & the Sports Club, Kidzone activities, the video shop, the Marina Tavern… How many other Whitsunday Islands resorts can offer that?