Where the Wild Things Are

A wild Hamilton Island wallaby & joey

A wild Hamilton Island wallaby & joey (photo: Jenni Shah)

Our house on Hamilton Island lies on the hill above Catseye Beach.  We have a hillside of native bush and scrub for a front yard, and often wake up to the calls of the kookaburras in the morning and hear the grass rustling in the late afternoon.

We have found that the rustling grass is usually the wallabies coming out to feed.  A month or so back we spied a mother wallaby with a joey in her pouch sun-bathing on the hillside. The joey made its presence known by sticking a tail and leg out of the pouch.

I was lucky enough to see the joey a few weeks later hopping about in a fearless manner, until he saw me, whereby he fled to the bushes beneath our deck. Both mum and dad weren’t too concerned and waited patiently further down the hill for him to catch up.

Yesterday I peered over the balcony and saw a goanna, nearly a metre long from the tip of his pointed tongue to the end of his creamy tail. It was my first sight of the large reptile and I was glad to be 6 m off the ground and safe on my deck!

Of course there are the possums, which we often hear fighting in the night, and a friend told me about a deer that walked past school.  She swears she isn’t pulling my leg – there is a wild population in the bush on the south of the island that occasionally get lost!  It’s a bit like living in a zoo some days!  But it is nice to know that the wildlife is thriving on Hamilton Island.