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Catseye Beach and the Whitsundays

Catseye Beach and the Whitsundays - The perefect Movie set

I can’t tell you how I stumbled across this (just randomly surfing the Internet I guess) but I have found that Hamilton Island and the Great Barrier Reef have a bit of a history in the film business.

I often hear locals refer to one side of the marina as Hollywood , but had no idea why. It turns out that Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman filmed Dead Calm (1989) on and around the island, and a soundstage was built there for it. The on water filming took place in the Whitsunday passage.

Muriel’s Wedding (1994) is an old favourite of ours but I had no idea that the ‘honeymoon’ that Toni Collette and the girls took to ‘Hibiscus Island’ was actually to Hamilton Island. (Language warning on the below video)

Then I stumbled across Sabrina Down Under (of the Teenage Witch series) whose 1999 adventures included a diving holiday on the Great Barrier Reef and had her staying in Hamilton Island accommodation both on and off screen.

Finally there is the Export Swan Lager ad made in 1985, which was a tribute to Keith Williams and his vision for Hamilton Island.  It’s a great time capsule too!