Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef

Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef

Well it wasn’t quite as dramatic as an episode of ER on the TV but I was pretty happy to have a trauma room available to me yesterday. Our Hamilton Island discovery this weekend was that boys + scooter + hilly driveway = carnage. To be fair, that isn’t really a Hamilton Island discovery at all, but being on an island did make me pause to think for a moment.

Thankfully Hamilton Island is very well serviced by a top notch Medical Centre that can handle everything from a dose of hay-fever to ‘Things You Don’t Want To Think About’, and everything in-between, (including scooter accidents!). It turns out that our bloodied hips, knees and elbows (no thanks to the safety gear) weren’t so much of a stretch for Dr John & Nurse Pam who did a marvellous job of mopping up the wounded with the aid of a large jar of jellybeans.

As mum’s do, I made some discrete enquiries about how more serious injuries are dealt with. I found that severe injuries and illnesses are med-evac’d from the island by helicopter from our Great Barrier Reef Airport if necessary to one of three hospitals in the area.

Now the boys are doing their best impressions of an Egyptian mummy, swearing off scooters (for now) and asking for room service…the perils of having hotel kids!