Lunch at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach at qualia

Lunch at Pebble Beach - qualia (Photo: Jenni Shah)

I confess. I am writing this posting in a qualia-induced haze. I have just returned from lunch at Pebble Beach, where I enjoyed a delicious lunch, a glass of wine, a perfectly clear sky and a gentle breeze to break through the humidity.

The deck of the Pebble Beach restaurant is the perfect place to relax on a hot day –above the north facing beach (exposed to the humidity laden Northerlies), under the wide veranda and overlooking Henning and Whitsunday Islands.

We started with a snack platter of Spanish style roasted almonds, home cured and dried beef biltong and marinated olives. Terribly more-ish.

I then had the world’s best pork and apple sandwich, slow roasted pork, marinated beetroot, wholegrain mustard mayo and the perfect bread roll…it was even better that the pork roll I had at the Borough Market in London last year. It came with the terribly good hand-cut chips that they do so well.

My date had a lovely fresh vine-ripened tomato gazpacho with a few grilled Whitsunday prawns, mango and coriander. While we ate we watched boats go back and forth and a very impressive workup of fish in the channel that had me wanting to plan a fishing trip – now!

The finale to lunch was the sight of a dugong tail disappearing under the water just off the beach. Mermaid indeed!

My final confession is the need for a wee nap now.

TIP: Get the taste of a luxury holiday with lunch at qualia. Pebble Beach is open to all Hamilton Island guests above 18 years of age. Reservations are essential so give qualia guest services a call on 07 4948 9222.