Kids Fun Zone Revamp

The brand-new bouncy castle at the Hamilton Island Kids FunZone (Photo: Jenni Shah)

The brand-new bouncy castle at the Hamilton Island Kids Fun Zone (Photo: Jenni Shah)

The Fun Zone is a highlight of the weekend for us and many others on holiday with children. Usually held beside the Bougainvillaea Pool, close to a lot of Hamilton Island Accommodation, the Fun Zone sees Hamilton Island Activities staff entertaining children with games, face painting and crafts.

The Fun Zone had a noticeable recharge over the recent school holidays. Some of the activities that have attracted small charges in the past were now free, such as ceramics painting. The big hit however was the new bouncy castle. It is hardly a castle, more like and inflatable-adventure-challenge-race-course. There were kids lined up to the beach waiting for their turns.

Fun Zone is available on Sundays from 3-5pm and every other day during school holidays. See the Activity Guide or our great iPhone app for session details. And best of all, it’s free!