Jeremy Langmead – Editor in Chief of Mr

What were your first thoughts when you landed on the island? Jeremy Langmead: “Wow.”

What’s on your ipad/ipod poolside? Jeremy Langmead: “New EP by London Grammar.”

Island-dressing essentials from mr Jeremy Langmead: “Orlebar Brown swim shorts and t-shirts; Rivieras for my feet.”

Three things you never fly without? Jeremy Langmead: “A scarf to wear on the plane; moisturiser to stop me looking like Yoda at the other end; and a good book.”

Are you a holiday health cleanser or an island indulger? Jeremy Langmead: “A happy combination of the two. A smoothie, but with vodka.”

What’s in your cocktail glass? Jeremy Langmead:“Dirty martini.”

Your best day on Hamilton Island? Jeremy Langmead: “Helicopter ride to Whitehaven Beach and then on to snorkelling at the reef.”

Away-from-work epiphany? Jeremy Langmead: “Need to visit Australia more often, whether for work or pleasure. I found the journey from London quite easy.”

What was the last thing you facebooked/ instagramed/tweeted (while on the island)? Jeremy Langmead: “View of the sunset from my qualia pavilion.”

Please help settle this national debate: boardshorts or budgies? Jeremy Langmead: “Neither. Tailored swim shorts (either Orlebar Brown setters or Robinson Les Bains). Too short and you expose too much; too long and you get a weird tan line.”

Something you do on holiday that you would never do at home, you can share ? Jeremy Langmead: “Relax. Wear a v-neck t-shirt.”

What would you bring to Hamilton Island next time and why? Jeremy Langmead: “Everything was provided; I barely need to think, let alone pack!”