Kids Fun Zone

Catseye Beach - Kids Sack Race

Catseye Beach - Kids Sack Race

As I type I am sitting at the Bougainvillea pool watching children jumping down the beach in the sack races, while my three kids busy themselves making sand art pictures.

Adam, the activities coordinator is organising the races and doing a great job of making sure the small ones keep up with the big kids by running interference or lifting the littlies along for ‘super bounces’.

Kids Fun Zone Hamilton Island

Kids Fun Zone Hamilton Island (Image: Jenni Shah)

Parents are sitting around me cheering their kid’s efforts. This is one of my favourite parts of family holidays. I see that they are doing a few old surf lifesaving drills and beach races. I can see some judicious handicapping going on too!

The Sand Art is today’s paid activity. This involves pictures made up with removable stickers, and lots of different coloured chalks. There is usually one paid activity in the Kids Fun Zone with several other free games and activities. If the weather turns they take the whole show indoors and set up a movie as well.

Today’s free activities include face painting, croquet, hula hoops, quoits, large building bricks, swing ball and of course the beach races. On calm days the bouncy castle comes out. I see from the activity board that there is hair braiding this week too.

Adam has the kids doing hula hoop competitions and limbo. Now he has a dozen kids doing a conga line now –he could probably do a turn as the pied piper!

There are a lot of smiles around. I like that.