Hamilton Island Rhythms

Scool Kids On Their Way To The Ice Cream Parlour

School Kids On Their Way To The Ice Cream Parlour - Photo Jenni Shah

Life on Hamilton Island has a rhythm so definite that a clock is not necessary to tell the time of day. Take these examples:

  • If it is morning and the streets are filled with people in shorts and singlets it is probably the 7 a.m. walkers and runners, kicking off their Hamilton Island holiday by hitting the pavement;
  • If you are at the Bakery in the morning and it is full of honeymoon couples buying sandwiches and bottles of water, it will be close to 8am and the Great Barrier Reef Cruises will be departing shortly;
  • If you are at the main pool and suddenly it empties of children and families, it is bound to be 12 noon, or perhaps a quarter to 12 – the hungry tummies are calling!
  • If you are driving around the island and spot groups of kids sitting in the back seats of buggies in their forest green uniforms, then it is 3 p.m. and the Hamilton Island State School kids will be begging their parents for afternoon tea from the ice-cream parlour;
  • And, if you are in the General Store and are suddenly inundated by people buying soft drinks and chips, or vegetables and meat, it is definitely 5 p.m. (The other 5 p.m. clue is the mainland workmen making their way to Fantasea wharf for their commute home).