Guillaume Brahimi at Great Barrier Feast

Guillaume Brahimi at qualia for the Great Barrier Feast

Guillaume Brahimi at qualia for the Great Barrier Feast (All photos: Andrea Francolini)

Guillaume Brahimi is an absolute gentleman and a wonderful story teller – and a good cook to boot! The Great Barrier Feast last weekend was fantastic. The master classes were informative and entertaining, and both dinners were outstanding. I’m not sure how it usually works in Sydney at Guillaume at Bennelong, but up here in the Whitsundays Guillaume was everywhere, even serving tables at one point!


qualia head chef Alistair Waddell started us off on Friday night with some gorgeous canapés. I confess, I love hors d’oeuvres, and I was in heaven here. It went on, with Ali’s first course: Gazpacho sorbet with caper crumbs. The standout for the night, which had everyone talking, was a Pork Pie which had transparent pastry, braised pork belly, chanterelle mushrooms and tea soaked prunes. It was divine, and I want another one right now!


The groovy, mini soda bottles made their first appearance before dessert, with a banana and rum cola – they were great fun. Guillaume liked them so much he used them to (personally) sauce his Soup of Seasonal Fruits the following night!


When I walked into the Long Pavilion on Saturday night, the first thing to catch my attention was the amount of glassware on the tables – the line-up of wine glasses made even me pause. And then we were off!


The Marron with duck consommé, fois gras and truffle was wonderfully decadent and flavourful. The Wagyu beef (500 day grain fed, F1 marble grade 9, no less!!) delicious and the Seasonal Fruit soup was good fun. The highlight for me was the Seared Scallops with Watercress Puree, Lemon Emulsion, Potato Gallete and Sterling Caviar. Yummo!

I retreated home after the final course of Chocolate Delice, and decided that I probably wouldn’t need to eat again for a few days, but if I had to…then I wouldn’t say no to duck consommé or a Pork Pie!


Tip: Get a heads up on how Guillaume created the second course scallop dish on You Tube (below) – it’s like your own personal master class!