Great Barrier Reef Airport

Virgin Australia flies into Great Barrier Reef  Airport on Hamilton Island (Photo: Jenni Shah)

Virgin Australia flies into Great Barrier Reef Airport on Hamilton Island (Photo: Jenni Shah)

The Great Barrier Reef Airport is a busy place – in fact it is the main airport hub for the Whitsundays. While we were at the Golf Driving Range we saw two jets landing, another taking off, a seaplane landing as well as two helicopters. All in the space of about 45 minutes!

Up to six commercial flights arrive each day from Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Virgin, Jetstar and Qantas fly to Hamilton Island arriving and leaving between 10a.m. and 3p.m. daily. It is the front door to your Hamilton Island holiday.

Jetstar Airlines at Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef

Jetstar aircraft taxiing at Great Barrier Reef Airport Hamilton Island (Photo: Jenni Shah)

Hamilton Island Air operates seaplanes and helicopters for Great Barrier Reef tours and transfers to Whitehaven Beach. Corporates with their own planes arrive daily. I have even heard of locals who have used small planes from Whitsunday Airport on the mainland to get their groceries home from Airlie Beach (after missing the last Fantasea ferry)!

Of course the big advantage of living on an island with its own airport is that you can wait until you actually hear the aeroplane coming in to land before leaving the house to pick-up the family.

TIP: The in-house TV station at Hamilton Island Hotels has arrival and departure information on display. You can also get this information on your phone via the Hamilton Island Mobile website if  you are on the move.