Fish & Chips at Popeye’s

Popeye's Fish and Chips - Hamilton Island Marina

Popeye's Fish and Chips - Hamilton Island Marina

Fish & chips beside the marina is the perfect way to end a busy day on Hamilton Island (or a great way to start the night!). Popeye’s is the fish and chip shop on Hamilton Island, and can be found on Front Street between the chemist and Bob’s Bakery. I’m told that the name Popeye came from the nickname given to Bob Oatley by his grandchildren.

Popeye’s offers all you’d expect in a takeaway shop, plus a few extras. To start with… fish. I prefer crumbed to battered, and also grab a serving of tatare sauce on the side. The chips are consistently good though I find the burgers hit and miss. Of course there are fisherman’s baskets – we are on an island after all.

Our favourite Popeye’s meal is a whole roast chicken, with a loaf of bread and salad (both available at Popeye’s) to make a fresh roast chicken sandwiches. You can’t beat that for an easy dinner, and a tasty alternative to eating out at a restaurant.

The chooks are also great to pick up in the morning for a picnic lunch – Popeye’s opens at 10 a.m. Also available and great for lunch are chilled, cooked prawns. Fresh fish is available to take back to your Hamilton Island accommodaton to cook (especially if you failed to hook up on your fishing holiday). There is a well-stocked fridge with non-alcoholic drinks and beer and wine available too, making it a perfect one-stop shop.

Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 9p.m. daily, and 11.30p.m.-late on Friday and Saturday.