Light Up the Sky

Fireworks Over Hamilton Island Yacht Club (Image: Andrea Francolini)

Fireworks Over Hamilton Island Yacht Club (Image: Andrea Francolini)

One of the advantages of living on Hamilton Island is that you don’t need to wait for Guy Fawkes night to see a good fireworks display. It seems that every other week there is a convention or wedding or other event that features a fireworks display. I’m excited to hear that I don’t have much longer to wait for my next show as tonight’s New Years Eve Marina Street Party will ring in the new year with fireworks at midnight.

Generally the fireworks go off at Catseye Beach or off the marina breakwater. Regardless of the launching point, the exciting bangs echo across the island. At this point, in our house, there is usually a stampede of little feet outside to see the show.

During bigger events the displays are more dramatic. During the Hamilton Island Outrigger Cup there were fireworks during the opening and closing ceremonies. Hamilton Island Race Week had fireworks scheduled for the opening which promised to be a great event. So we bundled the kids into the buggy to go and watch, and had a fantastic view from the Fantasea ferry wharf.

Which ever side of the island the fireworks go off, they are a nice (free!) addition to a vacation on Hamilton Island.