Collette Dinnigan – We Need Your Help…

You were raised on a boat, you spent years living on the ocean, do you have any seasickness tips for us? Collette Dinnigan: “Wear a pressure point wristband, always look at the horizon and if you can, drink ginger ale. My dad who was a sailor says that the best remedy for seasickness is champagne. Luckily I don’t get sick though.”

Your best spectator wardrobe advice for us? Collette Dinnigan: “It’s pretty simple, stay away from black.”

We were thinking of packing a swag bag of nautical navy, red and white stripes, too far? Collette Dinnigan: “No not at all. Pack espadrilles and sneakers as well. All colour is good and if you’re going on board then wear shorts and take a parka; if you’re going out to sea it can get quite choppy and you don’t want to get wet. Also pack a few long print dresses for warm balmy nights.”

Ditch the heels for deck shoes? We are shoe pigs, what will we wear? Collette Dinnigan: “Heels are really bad and there’s no way you’re going to need them; they don’t feel quite right. Make sure you have a really good pedicure though as you are constantly getting on and off boats and will be wearing flat sandals. Yes, pack flat sandals.”

Your resort show is staged at Qualia during race week, what do you love about it? Collette Dinnigan: “It’s a luxury resort and mirrors the quality of what we do. It’s perfect showing the collection here. Hamilton Island has that great feeling of good travel, the same as our resort collections which are all about going to destinations and sitting poolside; it’s luxury with a punch of colour and it’s a great backdrop for the clothes. qualia has the amazing ability to calm me down as soon as I set foot in the resort, it’s that special island time when you leave the city behind. It’s such a beautiful natural place with all the trees and the bush and so you feel you can relax.”

Sailors are top athletes, how should we pace ourselves for the week? Collette Dinnigan: “Stay healthy; don’t go to bed too late – you can get caught up in all the carry on and the parties! Just appreciate the tranquility of the island.”

The top photographic app, to capture the whole event? Collette Dinnigan: “Hipstamatic with John S lens, Kodot XGrizzled film, it enhances the colours and makes you feel you have stepped back in time, it’s so retro and very emotive.”

Can we Instagram/Tweet or Facebook during the races? Collette Dinnigan: “Of course, it’s the way of the world.”

Go-to race week bar? Collette Dinnigan: Pebble Beach at qualia, can’t get better.”

Favourite race week restaurant? Collette Dinnigan: “Pebble Beach at qualia.”

Every sailor has an adventure story, please tell us yours, then maybe we can ‘borrow’ it. Collette Dinnigan: “The time when were on our sea journey to Australia and we were in the depths of the Southern Indian Ocean and thought we saw an island, we thought the charts were wrong, as it wasn’t showing on them but then we realised, as we got closer and closer, that it was a huge dead sperm whale and there were albatrosses and seagulls swooping down, feeding on it.