Chicken and Crab Salad with Chilli Peanuts, Lime Leaf and Caramelised Green Nahm Jim

With access to some of the world’s highest quality ingredients and fresh produce and the creative inspiration of the Great Barrier Reef, it environs and climate, Hamilton Island offers an elegant variety of dining experiences. In the August 2012 edition of Reef Magazine, Hamilton Island’s new Executive Chefs share their current favourite creations.

coca chu – Executive Chef, Adam Woodfield

Chicken and Crab Salad with Chilli Peanuts, Lime Leaf and Caramelised Green Nahm Jim

This is a delightfully light, yet nourishing summertime lunch or dinner dish with subtle and clean, aromatic Asian-infused flavours. You can easily make the Caramelised Green Nahm Jim (sauce) at any time prior to serving. The whole dish refrigerates well for up to two days.

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Chicken and Crab Salad with Chilli Peanuts, Lime Leaf and Caramelised Green Nahm Jim

Adam Woodfield's Chicken and Crab Salad with Chilli Peanuts, Lime Leaf and Caramelised Green Nahm Jim. Photographer:Julian Kingma

Ingredients (for six people)

For the salad

100g chicken meat (cooked), shredded
60g crab meat (cooked), picked apart
One (1) stalk Lemongrass, finely sliced
Two (2) eschallots, finely sliced
Two (2) lime leaf, julienne
One (1) chilli, seedless, julienne
One (1) small handful shredded coconut
Three (3) stems spring onion, finely sliced
¼ cup coriander leaf, torn
¼ cup Thai basil leaves, torn
¼ cup mint leaves, torn
Four (4) cherry tomatoes, quartered
¼ of Green Nahm Jim recipe (see below)
3 tbsp coconut milk
2 tbsp fried eschallots
¼ cup unsalted cashews

For the Green Nahm Jim dressing,makes 250 ml

Two (2) small green chillies
Two (2) large green chillies
Bunch of coriander root
Two (2) gloves of garlic
75mls lime juice
75mls lemon juice
30mls fish sauce
1 kaffir lime
10g unsalted peanuts
40g palm sugar


To make the Caramelised Green Nahm Jim

You can do this at any time.

In a mortar and pestle (a food processor will also work), pound the small and large green chillies, garlic and coriander root into a paste. Scrape into a bowl. Pound the palm sugar with a bit of lime juice and add to the bowl. Add the rest of the lime juice, lemon juice, fish sauce and palm sugar to the chilli mix. Pound the peanuts and add to mixing bowl, too. Squeeze in the juice from the kaffir lime and taste. The Green Nahm Jim should be well balanced but with a slight sweetness to it and be glossy with a bright green colour.

To make the salad

In a bowl, add shredded chicken, crab, lemongrass, lime leaf, shredded coconut, eschallot, cashews and cherry tomatoes. In a separate bowl, mix one quarter of the Caramelised Green Nahm Jim and the salad. Check the flavours are balanced. Add the dressing to the salad and mix gently. Add the spring onion and herbs and mix gently, trying not to bruise the herbs.

To Serve

Place the salad on to the plate. With a bit of Caramelised Green Nahm Jim dressing, go around the plate and then sprinkle with fried shallot to garnish.

Wine Match

Robert Oatley Signature Series Great Southern Riesling 2012
The bright Asian herb-spice flavours and lighter white meat and seafood core of this dish calls for a lively unwooded white and Australia’s best value and highest quality example is without doubt our Rieslings. The Signature Series is from WA’s far south-west, is soft and pleasingly fruity, with lime cordial and floral notes,
gentle acidity and a pleasing finish

Recipe: Adam Woodfield, Executive Chef – coca chu
Compiled By: Stephen Cook and Darren Jahn
Styling: Nicky Tindill

The Above Article was originally published in the August 2012 Edition of REEF Magazine