A window table at Bommie

Bommie Fine Dining at Hamilton Island Yacht Club

Bommie Fine Dining at Hamilton Island Yacht Club

We had a lovely dinner at the Bommie restaurant last night, the signature restaurant at the Hamilton Island Yacht Club. Now in its third year, Bommie Restaurant is now headed by chef Nicholas Gomez Duran. Nic was born in Pamplona, Spain and has bought a new vibe to the Bommie menu.

This evening we had a table at the window, and one of the smaller triangular, sail shaped tables. I love these quirky tables of beautifully polished timber complete with feature caulking. The rounded triangles are strikingly designed and finished and you certainly don’t have the problem of running out of table real estate to put all those glasses and plates on.

We had a gorgeous view over the water and of the Bommie Deck bar. It was a pity that the bar wasn’t open later, though they’d probably need space heaters everywhere at this time of year! Our entrees arrived at the same time as the Denison Star arrived back into the marina from its sunset dinner cruise, all lit up like a Christmas tree.

My duck consommé was a stunning balance of salty and sweet with four spice over it all, with Peking duck dumplings and a bok choi parcel. I could eat that dish day in and day out without every growing tired of it. The scallop brulee with blue swimmer crab was a little more challenging, but it worked nicely (though not with the beautiful Lewin chardonnay!).

With a few extra courses floating around (including a gorgeous beef cheek tortolini) we chatted with our waiter Jonny, who was feeling a little down due to the fact that he (being an England supporter) had lost his UEFA EURO Cup bet with Head Chef Nic (a delighted Spanish supporter). These English supporters: they never learn!

My main course was a winner: a Winter Vegetable Tagine, with Jerusalem artichokes, parsnip and cauliflower, roasted in the Moroccan style with steamed barley, figs and yoghurt cheese. Yum! And perfect for a mid-winter meal. Equally perfect for the chilly weather was the Pork Rib on the Bone with chestnuts cooked in pancetta, and other goodies.

To finish we shared the Bombe Alaska and a dish called Alice in Wonderland, which all told took us for a trip around the world of ice-cream and sorbets (and a fantastic honeycomb lollipop on a vanilla bean stick). Not strictly winter fare but who cares!