Baby Season at ‘Wild Life’ Hamilton Island

Baby Koala on Hamilton Island

Our cute koala joey needs a name (Photo: Jackson Perry)

This week we have had friends visiting from New Zealand. It has been a treat to see the island through fresh eyes as we have taken them around the place and to various restaurants and activities. Our activity this drizzly morning was the marsupial tour at Wild Life Hamilton Island.

What a treat – not only was Hippo the baby (17kg) wombat out running about, but we met the new baby wallaby and koala too. We were so very lucky to be the first group to gently pat the 7mth old koala (who is subject to a naming competition at the moment- come on people, don’t let him be called bumblebee!).

He was the cutest thing, gorgeous holding on to the back of a stuffed koala with his new mum (aka Bronwyn the park manager). The young lad was born at the park but his young mum wasn’t quite up to looking after him so the staff had to take over. Hopefully he will be off the midnight bottle feeds soon!

We were also introduced to Roo aka Optimus Prime (do you see the theme here?) a baby wallaby who was orphaned recently and with Hippo who was quite happy to lie back in his keeper’s arms while we all scratched behind his ears.

Such a treat, for the families on holiday with kids and for the locals! I’ll have my children down there this weekend!