Audio Tours are Here

Audio Tour Signs

Look for these markers to identify the next stop on your Audio Tour (Photo: Jenni Shah)

While I was out driving yesterday I spotted a new sign at One Tree Hill.

Hamilton Island has created a series of free audio tours that elaborate on the landmarks, history and activities around and on Hamilton Island.

There are several ways you can access the tours. If you are here on the island, you can loan a pre-loaded Audio Tour device from the Tour Desk in the Resort Centre. They are available for 4-hour hire, free of charge. Tours can also be downloaded onto your own smartphone at one of the free wi-fi hotspots at the Resort Centre, Great Barrier Reef Airport, and Hamilton Island hotel lobbies. They can be found for download on the Hamilton Island website . The tours are also available as a podcast on iTunes.

There are two tours; the Village Trail, and Passage Peak Trail. The Village Trail takes in the Resort Centre, Catseye Bay, the Marina Village, Dent Island, the Hamilton Island Yacht Club and One Tree Hill. The Passage Peak tour has 12 episodes that add to lot of extra detail to your walk, with information on the wildlife you might encounter (butterflies and bush turkeys, anyone?) and some great trail tips.

Having spotted the first sign on One Tree Hill I looked up the tour episode on my smartphone browser and had a listen. I now know a bit about the volcano that was here on the island and how the Whitsundays were named. I also heard about the indigenous use of hoop tree sap as a type of putty – perfect for plugging holes in leaky canoes. I’ll have to remember that for the Hamilton Island Paddling Event in June!

Tours are available with audio in English, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian and Japanese

TIP: The Passage Peak tour can often take you out of range for some of the cellular phone signals. Having the tour downloaded to your device will mean that you’ll be good to go regardless of your phone connection.